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Are you tired of spending money for bottled water at the grocery store each week? Have you wondered what is happening to all of those plastic bottles from the bottle water you drink? Are you worried about the quality of your water, and the health of your family and pets? If so, installing a water filter for your home may be the answer you are looking for, and our licensed Birmingham plumbers can help you determine exactly what type of water filtration system is best for you.

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Unfortunately, tap water may have chemicals in it that may be unhealthy for you, your family, and your pets. Some water has minerals or other particles that can be damaging to pipes, and hard on clothing. If you have a chronic health condition, some chemicals that are allowed in tap water supplies may actually make you more ill. In-home water filtration is one way to help remove some of these contaminants from your water.

There are several ways to filter water. One is simply at the point of consumption. This requires installing filters at drinking water faucets. You can also purchase a carafe type of filtration device that allows you to change filters as needed. Another method is installing a water filtration system throughout the home. This method allows for all water to be filtered (including bath water, protecting skin and eyes from potentially contaminated water). Water is filtered to remove contaminants, dirt and sediment, and then processed according to type of water: drinking, utility, or bath water.

When deciding what type of filtration system to use, look at the entire cost package. It may be very inexpensive to start with water carafe filtration, but the actual cost of a year’s worth of cartridges adds up! Our expert water professionals can help you analyze the costs associated with water filtration, and help you decide which type of system fits your needs.

The professional plumbers at Birmingham plumbing service can help you determine which type of water filtration system is best for your needs with no heavy sales pitch and no forceful conversations. The water systems offered by Birmingham Plumbing can help improve the taste and smell of your water, while also removing potentially dangerous chemicals, according to nationally recognized water standards. Water filtration can give you peace of mind while helping to protect your family, as well as your pipes and plumbing. Let Birmingham Plumbing help you decide what type of water filtration system would work best for you. Give Birmingham Water Filters Company a call today!


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